Creating a focused and engaging experience:

We interview each client to align the speaking engagement to the uniqueness of their organization, culture, and current challenges or vision for the future.  We integrate this information into a customized 45 to 90 minute keynote, presentation, or expanded workshop.

Our approach always connects the client audience to the topic through an engaging, positive, and interactive style.


Sample Topics:

THREE REALITIES OF EXECUTIVE MASTERY – Every leadership role has to master three basic perspectives and mindsets in order to fulfill the promise to deliver the results expected of them.

SHOWING UP WITH PASSION & COMMITMENT — How to reclaim your passion and abundance of energy to create a fulfilling personal and work life.  Understanding what you need, what fuels your passion, and which choice bring you the most fulfillment.

BRING IT TO WORK — How to get unstuck, engaged, and achieve success at work!  The latest research shows that 75+% of corporate workforce is disengaged, unmotivated, and “waiting” for leadership’s direction! Personal leadership is a Simple Choice…. The learning is how to get yourself and your people engaged for success!

CHALLENGES IN RELATIONSHIPS, CONVERSATIONS, AND WORKPLACES – How to successfully navigate three of the most difficult, yet most necessary, landscapes in everyday life.  All of us “have to be right” about now we make up life and relationships!  How does work?