What we do:

The Daugherty Group helps successful leaders get even better.  Our clients achieve positive, lasting change in their behaviors for the benefit of themselves, their people, and their teams.  Leaders who are committed and own their coaching process change the way they work, their level of achievement, and how they are in relationship with those involved in their work and personal lives.

Who we work with:

We work with leaders who…

  • Have achieved success.
  • Are committed and focused on development of leadership behaviors and practices (not non-behavioral skills).
  • Want to work with a coach to become more effective.

How we work:

Our processes are unique, practical and focused upon the specific behavioral changes the leader and/or key stakeholders determine are required.  Our approach includes:

  • Measurable shifts in behavior as determined by our interviews and assessments with stakeholders and sponsoring executive.
  • Confidential and positive-focus on leveraging strengths.
  • Interaction that is straightforward and direct, insightful and challenging, and positive and supportive.
  • Focused upon changing behaviors, perceptions of behaviors, and underlying needs and drivers.
  • Experienced, seasoned, mastery-level coaches who are accustomed to working with senior-level executives.
  • All engagements start with a comprehensive assessment of behaviors by stakeholders, self-assessments, and emotional intelligence inventories.
  • Basic requirement that the leader being coached determines (owns and commits to) the areas of focus for improvement.